Generic Range Features

Disinfection data retention and print

All models may retain the disinfection (unchangeable) data on an SD card, ready to print as proof of any executed disinfection cycle.

Ozone distribution: O3 JET 3D*

The 360Β° rotation of the ozone outlet – with reverse movement – gurantees an uniform distribution in any remote corner of each room.

Ozone Concentration

The various preset programs determine the necessary concentration of the ozone. Customized disinfection programs, with starting day and time, may be created. The WI-FI models are supplied with sensors*

Aeration: O3 DOWN SYSTEM

All models are supplied with a proportioned ozone destruction system.


Every model determines the room temperature automatically, and the aeration time consequently. The WI-FI models are supplied with sensors***


Every model is equipped with a detector of human presence that may stop the ozone production, and start the aeration program immediately. A sounding and optical warning will be activated. The start of the ozone production is never immediate; it’s delayed in order to let the operator leave the room in total safety.

O3 generator inlet filter

Every model has an air cleaning filter and a silica gel filter for dehumidification, in order to guarantee the quality of the ozone produced, and the life of the machine.

Selection of the working environment and the relative humidity

The working environments may be very different – the relative humidity and the presence of biofilms (eg. in the kitchens) are key in selecting the necessary ozone concentrations. *

Air flow rate

Β Every model is supplied with an adequate and proportionate Cu.M. flow.

Solutions for anyone

Every requirement may be satisfied from the 7 indipendent models, the 4 split models and the O3 CASE MODULAR SYSTEM, that may be composed till production of 40g/ozone per hour.

Additional O3 gas outlet*

Any model has an additional outlet to treat water with ozone, for both washing fruits and vegetables and cleaning surfaces. Any application has its own specific program.


Any model enables the choice of an airspace range – the treatment time will be proportioned.

* BOX and CASE models | ** only WI-FI models | ***excluding EASY

Features for each model
Easy Box 3
  • Our entry level model has all functions of a safe and functional machine
  • Production of 3 g. ozone / hour
  • For rooms 80-160 cu.m.
  • Stainless steel body
  • P:510-L180-H370 | kg 10 circa
Products Presentation
Products Presentation
Box 5/10/wifi
  • All equipped with the revolutionary O3 JET 3D tool, which rotates till 360Β° and with the reverse function, thus distributing the ozone in an uniform way all over surfaces
  • 5 g. – 10 g. ozone / hour, with or without Wi-Fi
  • For rooms from 120 to 480mc
  • Stainless steel body
  • P:540-L340-H510 kg 14-15 circa
  • The first machines to use the air conditioner power to spread ozone around
  • If supplied with an inverter, it knocks down the aeration time
  • Convenient and economical, as it exploits the aeration from the air conditioner
  • Sanitizes the air conditioner, one of the tolls considered mostly dangerous for human health regarding viruses diffusion
  • Simple wall installation below the split
  • g. – 10 g. ozone / hour, with or without WI-FI
  • For rooms from 120 to 480mc.
  • Stainless steel body
  • P:240-L720-H270 kg 10-11 circa
Products Presentation
Products Presentation
Innovative modular system
  • O3 SMART BOX 5 g. or 10 g. Up to 4 modules, max. 40 g. ozone / hour
  • 2 O3 JET 3D on the main unit
  • 4 extendable tubes to sanitize up to 5 rooms at the same time
  • Economically convenient for large environment
  • For environments 960 – 1920 cu.m.
  • Optional ozone sensors and smartphone app
  • Optional pure oxygen input, to roughly double its efficiency
  • Stainless steel body
  • P:580-L850-H1200 kg 10 circa excluding modules BOX