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~Ozone Generators for ambient sanitisation~

We believe ozone is the best complement to a correct sanitisation process

In brief

A few words about ozone

Ozone is a natural gas with a powerful sanitizing effect; after its beneficial action, it naturally decays into normal oxygen, leaving no chemical trace behind.

Furthermore, being a gas, it reaches easily every corner of a location.


Destroys bacteria, kills molds, inactivates viruses

No chemical trace

It naturally turns back into normal oxygen


It completely destroys any trace of bad odors


The cost of each single cycle is insignificant


Common doubts about ozone

Is it effective against the new coronavirus?

Although there are still no specific studies available, it has been proved to be consistently effective against viruses of the “coronavirus” type, like the SARS-CoV, the “closest relative” of SARS-COV-2, which is structurally very similar.

We have plans to commission a specific independent research.

Is it safe?

Yes, if correctly used. What many producers fail to explain, is that in order to be effective against microorganisms, it needs to stay in an area at specific minimum concentrations, for a minimum time. But at the effective concentrations, it can be harmful also for humans and animals.

Is ozone officially acknowledged as a sanitizing agent?

Yes, absolutely; by the European Community, by the FDA, and by many singular governments, including the Italian “Ministero della Salute”. Several studies have been published during time, and we re-post several of them for you in the section named “Details about Ozone”.

Where can I get more infos?

Many studies have been published about the ozone’s sanitizing power, and now with the CoVid-19 emergency, the global interest for sanitation systems has skyrocketed, leading to a real boom of related articles, more or less correct and informative.

We suggest to start with our “Details about Ozone” section, for clear and documented explanations, and a collection of official documents.

Any particular Questions?

Any particular Questions? We are confident to have the answers, drop us a line!

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For these reasons Sanozone was conceived

We strongly believe ozone is THE BEST way to complete a correct, deep and accurate sanitation cycle, no matter the location; we believe this enough to invest in a new and innovative range of dedicated products.

Our 10+ years of experience as technological innovators in the Ho.Re.Ca. market allowed us to quickly grasp the potential, as well as the few limitations, of the ozone sanitation systems, and to maximize the benefits while minimizing the drawbacks.


Always the right concentration of ozone, for the right time.

Ozone destruction feature

Quickens the cycle by reverting ozone to oxygen when finished


Allows stacking ozone generating units for large places


Powerful but still small enough to be conveniently moved around


Chef Andrea Mosca & Deborah Caranti Vitanova, Ristorante Al Lido

The chefs Deborah Caranti and Andrea Mosca, from the restaurant “Vitanova” in Civitanova Marche, chose Sanozone for a throughout sanitisation of their place, in order to preserve their patrons’ and staff health.

“It’s reassuringly simple. You just set the program, leave the room, and you can be sure that the job will be done quickly, correctly, and most of all, safely.”

“Once during the first days, a staff member entered the kitchen during the sanitisation process by mistake; luckily, the unit stopped, launching an alarm and immediately beginning destroying the generated ozone.”

“We are glad to be able to offer the maximum possible hygiene level to our customers. We love this job, but these dire times make everything harder. At least now we can grant optimal conditions, so that our patrons can feel at ease despite the emergency.”

“We also appreciate the sanitisation log feature: it stores data about all the processes, for our records.”

Dino Muraro Distributor, specialised in big hosting structures and retirement homes

Dino Muraro, who has worked with retirement homes, clinics, and similar structures for years, chose to propose Sanozone to his customers -who often need special care about hygiene and safety- because of the extra guarantee offered by the independent certification and the emergency features.

“I never saw another product in this category offering an independent certification and with this many features, both for comfort and safety. While it produces enough ozone to be effective, it still grants the safest possible conditions of use.”

“The process interruption feature, and the immediate active ozone destruction, are vital in this kind of structure. They grant quick processes in normal conditions, and its immediate interruption in case someone enters by mistake.”

“The several existing functions, like those for fungi and molds, make it easier for operators to create a safer environment. Those are potentially as dangerous as pathogens, and hard to eliminate with normal means, even more so if in unreachable positions.”

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